Best Places to Travel in India

If you want to visit India, and want to see the beauty of India and nature also, you can choose the most famous tour package “Golden Triangle Tour” which is one of the famous travel packages of India. With the help of travel India. You can explore the beauty of India and make your vacations memorable.

India’s tourism industry is booming with new opportunities due to government support. North, East or West of India. Whether on a spiritual quest, a cultural visit or a relaxing holiday, it is advisable that you plan your India tour in such a way that you are easily able to cover a few important destinations of a particular region.

India can be divided into four regions Moreover, these regions are also different from each other with respect to people, architecture, food, and languages are spoken. Though it will not be impossible for you to cover popular tourist destinations like Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, and the Golden Triangle in a single trip, try to avoid it as it may lead to exhaustion. Select a single region and travel across it. Ask your tour organizer to pack in as many top destinations as possible across a particular region in your India tour package.

Here are some of the best places to visit in India according to the four regions of the country.

Delhi is one of the most attractive cities it is the capital of India. In today’s times, it is a major political, culture and commercial center of India.

Agra is the most loving city that is situated on the bank of the Yamuna River in utter Pradesh state in India. It is famous for the beautiful building Taj Mahal.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

The Golden Temple Amritsar (India) is a uniquely designed Sikh architecture teaching the world a lesson of egalitarianism and humility. Golden Temple is the main tourist attraction here. It is said that it includes an internal road under the water. This golden temple has four open doors on all four sides to welcome the travelers warmly and whole-heartedly. Visiting the beautiful citadel is a heavenly experience for anyone.

It is one the significant archaeological sites of the Paleolithic age. Here you can get to see the traces of the earliest human life. On the cave wall, you will find the sign of paintings. Most of them are approximately 30,000 years old..

Mountain Railways of India

There are six mountain railways in India. Almost all of them offer an extraordinary experience of traveling beautiful hilly ranges. You will never ever forget the memorable experience of getting around the places by toy trains. Beautiful hilly terrains will keep you arrested there as long as you stay there. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways, the Nilgiri Mountain track, and the Kalka Shimla track are the most significant among mountain railways of India.

Vijayanagara ruins, Hampi

Vijayanagara ruins are at their bizarre best in Hampi. The beautiful background and lunatic landscape of Hampi are really brilliant. The strange greatness has been overpowering the whole area. The richness and complexity of Hampi’s architecture evoke a different kind of sentiments. They can easily eclipse any oriental sculptures. Here you will have many unique architectural works like Yali (an image carved on a composite pillar), Pillars of Bukkas Aqueduct, the Composite pillar in Vittala Temple.

It stands as the epitome of eternal love and devotion of Mughal Emperor Sajahan. It shows the love for his favorite Queen Mumtaz. One who looks at it at moonlit night, he never forgets it splendor and shining look of it. It reminds the travelers about the timeless saga of love. This white marble monument is under one of the top ten wonders in the world. The walls are preciously craved with subtle sculptures.


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